Can You End It?

I landed in darkness. I didn’t know who I was or where I was, but I knew that something was up. Nobody was around. There was a golden glow behind me. I turned around, and there was a lady standing there.

She was so pretty, but so ugly. She had a timeless face, and her hair was straight, but somehow curly. Her clothes were both stylish, but out of style…

And then there was something coming straight at me…

Answer it😀


Today was the day. The day to set out into the world! Believe me, it was an exciting time finding out that I get a cute blue porshe, and a house, but the thing is… I have to share a room with the annoying Mr.Troll and Mr.Treel/Cheel. I walked into the house to find that my bedroom was on the top floor.

I walked into the pretty big room, and started unpacking, thinking of how I would get along with the Troll brothers…

I opened my suitcase to see that…


12 thoughts on “Can You End It?

  1. Shickz Ending: I screamed, SHOUTED then came the horriblest thing of all MR TROLL AND MR CHILL. They laughed screamed and evened pulled down there undies then i got death from laughter.

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