Hey there guys! It’s Nadz, and I decided to quit wordpress. Of course, my blog is still here for you to look at, but I am growing older, and decided to join Wattpad, so go look at that. Here’s the link. I know at least two of you moustaches enjoy my wordpress, so youre gonna like my Wattpad more. I’m sorry..

Sorry guys



There’s a new story coming up today!!!! YEY! Okay sorry for the lack of posts again, but see ya!!


Hey Guys, it’s Nadz and I just want to say… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Yeh, today is the last day of school and my friend Sandi is moving 😦 so I will be making a special goodbye video on my youtube channel so be sure to go check that out…

Anyways, expect more on my channel and blogs and see yah!


My Youtube channel etc

Hello Guys! 

It is Nadz and I have just came back from shickzters bday party ;)! I just wanna do something and guess what!? IDK WHAT I WAS GONNA SAY!!! Ok so you all know my youtube channel yeh? It has all my little cousins singing Payphone by maroon 5

 Sorry for typos I am doing this on my phone and there will be a twist in my youtuber fan fiction (soz i forgot what its called because of all my time off the blog ) (i have a life ya know!) 

There will be a new fanfiction and yes it is about Youtubers dont judge me please….. Ok so I tested it at school and it was a BIG HIT!! Ask theunknownllamagirl or Sandi for the review, I’ll put their blogs in next post and I’ll see ya all later!

peace, love and chocolate,



PS, Comment YT5EVA if you want to know my youtube channel or minecraft username 🙂

Mincon is Coming!!!

Awesome!!! I know the Minecon thing is pretty old but IHASCUPQUAKE ERR MAHHH GERRRD SO WANT TO MEET HER OMGOMGOMG I SO WANT TO HAVE HER PURPLE HAIR lol in fangirling XD


Mincon is coming! I wish I can go but I can’t but my friend is going and he said that he was going to take pictures so I can see what he did in Mincon. Ihascupquake is going too so I hope   they take pictures of her too!


P.S  I like Ihascupquake

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