I’m Nadz,

A quirky girl gamer with a sense of humour. I like music, art and gaming. I like to be different from people, and I believe in Peace, Love and Chocolate (A band my friends and me made up when it was raining and we were bored).

I want to make a difference in the world, and I hope you can too. I want to make the world a better place, (I am such a hippie) so yea.

Most of my posts won’t be that long because I am always very busy and I also like karate (SO DON’T MESS WITH ME!) jk… For now

I have a big family, and I am very young. I live not far ShickzterOnTheWikipedia’s house and stuff…

I would like to start a youtube channel when I get older, that consists of gaming, music, art, and all around fun. 😀

Thanks for reading this, I’m sure no one would’ve without the help of my friend ShickzterOnTheWikipedia. I better run because I am late for school, but I just want to say, thanks for all your help and support, hope you all have some peace, love and chocolate of your own.

I like Minecraft, DragonVale, Fantage, TF2, Terraria and a bunch more, although my favourite thing in the whole world, (other than my supportive friends and family) is art.

My top five favourite RL things are…
+My Friends and family
+Anything that’s not a test
+Being Random
+Adding more things than excpected on a list (LoL wutz?!!)

My blogs

Thanks for reading,

Peace, Love and Chocolate,

Nadz, aka the Queen of Insults (dubbed my best friend)


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